How do I make sure that my ticket is being handled by the right expert?

At tktit, we have queues of experts based on technology and specialization. From a customer perspective, selecting the right ticket scope and stream is helping us to select the right expert.

How do I make payment on tktit.com?

Via Paypal. The website redirects you to paypal upon ticket fees confirmation and this process withholds the fees from your Paypal Account. The fees are only withdrawn once you confirm the ticket closure and the satisfaction on the deliverables.

Why does the website withhold the ticket price before I get the deliverables?

This is to guarantee the commitment from the customer side and to trigger the internal process for Expert Payments. However, the fees are not withdrawn unless the customer is fully satisfied and confirms the final deliverables.

What is the case if I am not satisfied with the ticket deliverables?

At tktit, we follow an internal quality reviewing process that guarantees the quality and the alignment of the deliverables with the customer requirements. In case you identify any missing deliverables or a general dissatisfaction, you can easily communicate with the assigned expert and tktit operations to highlight any potential gaps.

In parallel, tktit operations team will be contacting you to understand clearly the concerns from your side.

Can I register as a Customer and as an Expert as well?

Yes. You will just need two different emails.

Does the website focus on ICT domains only?

Currently in the Pilot phase and in order to guarantee the quality of service, we are limiting the services portfolio to ICT only.

Why do I get scope clarification requests from Tktit operations team before assigning the ticket to the expert?

Tktit is not just a platform to connect service requester to service provider. We undergo an internal inspection and reviewal process to make sure that the scope is clear enough to assign it to the right expert and price the service accordingly.

Sometimes, we request queries and clarifications to make sure that the scope is clarified 100% before proceeding and assigning it to the best expert.

How does tktit guarantee the quality of tickets handling?

Tktit operations team runs an internal quality assessment process once the ticket is assigned to the expert to make sure that tktit quality measurements are being adopted.

Furthermore, a final review is being carried by tktit technical committee before submitting the final deliverables to the customer.

How does Tktit guarantee that ticket closure is following the requested resolution date?

Tktit operations team runs SLA Follow-up process once the ticket is submitted, capturing the required target resolution date by the customer and making sure that experts are following it.

How can I communicate with the expert handling my ticket?

You can communicate directly with the expert using the “Talk To Expert” utility at your Ticket homepage.